A Multi-Sensory Experience Nightly At Sovereign Hill
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Gold Changes Everything

Explore space, delve into the Dreamtime,
and relive Australia’s most important rebellion
all while travelling under the night sky.

Suitable for
the whole family, Aura is the story of how gold
revolutionised Australia. Brought to you by Sovereign Hill.
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Gold Droplet


Over 64 acres hundreds of stunning projections create an immersive storytelling experience that transports you back in time. The Wadawurrung creation story is told with projections on a magnificent lake, gunfights and protests erupt under the night sky, and the gold rush is brought to life as never before.


Feel the vibrations as stars explode in front of your eyes, watch as the land is transformed by the gold rush, and dive into the chaos of the Eureka Rebellion as you witness the creation and discovery of the world’s most precious metal.



AURA is Sovereign Hill’s totally new immersive theatre experience. Designed by Creative Director Andrew Walsh AM and his Accolade Event Management team of local and international talent, AURA features cutting-edge 3D projection technology to be seen only at Sovereign Hill.

A Living

Before the show, why not spend a day at Sovereign Hill? A town that brings the 1850s gold rush to life. With shops, schools, a theatre and more, Sovereign Hill is Australia’s foremost outdoor museum. See the spectacular $160,000 gold pour, venture underground to explore the gold mines or catch a horse-drawn coach and tour the town. You can purchase your ticket when booking for AURA.
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Gold Droplet

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Gold Droplet


Daylight saving time 2019 in Victoria will begin at 2:00 am on Sunday, 6 October and ends at 2:00 am on Sunday, 5 April 2020.

DINNER 8.00 pm
SHOW 9.15 pm
SHOW 10.15 pm
DINNER 7.45 pm
SHOW 9.00 pm
SHOW 10.00 pm
March 1 – April 4
DINNER 7.15 pm
SHOW 8.30 pm
SHOW 9.30 pm
April 5 – May 3
DINNER 6.15 pm
SHOW 7.30 pm
SHOW 8.30 pm
May 4 – May 31
DINNER 5.45 pm
SHOW 7.00 pm
SHOW 8.00 pm
June 1 – June 26
DINNER 5.30 pm
SHOW 6.45 pm
SHOW 7.45 pm
June 27 – July 19
DINNER 5.00 pm
SHOW 7.30 pm
SHOW 8.30 pm
July 20 – August 31
DINNER 5.30 pm
SHOW 6.45 pm
SHOW 7.45 pm
September 1 – October 3
DINNER 6.00 pm
SHOW 7.15 pm
SHOW 8.15 pm
October 4 – October 31
DINNER 7.00 pm
SHOW 8.15 pm
SHOW 9.15 pm
DINNER 7.30 pm
SHOW 8.45 pm
SHOW 9.45 pm
DINNER 8.00 pm
SHOW 9.15 pm
SHOW 10.15 pm

Daylight saving time 2019 in Victoria will begin at 2:00 am on Sunday, 6 October and ends at 2:00 am on Sunday, 5 April 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the duration of the show?

Approximately 90 minutes.

Are pre-bookings recommended?

Pre-bookings are ESSENTIAL. Book Now, or via email: [email protected] or by phone on 03 5337 1199.

Is the show weather dependant and what clothing is suitable?

AURA Sovereign Hill recommends warm, casual clothing and flat walking shoes. Rarely due to extreme weather we may cancel, but your show will be rescheduled.

Is the show suitable for children?

Parental discretion is required as the show employs loud sound effects and dramatic pyrotechnics.

Is food and drink permitted on the show?

Food and drink will be available as part of a pre-show dinner. No food or drink may be consumed during the show. See the Aura Dinner menu HERE.

Are there any mobility restrictions?

The show has been designed as an inclusive experience, with new enhanced access transporters and well-lit pathways. Wheelchairs can be accommodated. To make sure everything is ready for your arrival, please let us know if you require a wheelchair ahead of your visit.

Is the show in multiple languages?

AURA is currently available in English.

How is AURA different from the old ‘Blood on the Southern Cross’ show?

Blood on the Southern Cross was about the Eureka Rebellion and its impact on the development of Australia as a nation.
AURA follows gold from its creation through to its discovery right up until the current day. Of course, the Eureka story is told as part of this but in a completely new way and within the context of a much larger story. AURA is much broader, much more exciting, and delves much deeper than ‘Blood on the Southern Cross’.

Are photographs or film permitted throughout the show?

Flash photography is strictly forbidden during the show.

Are there any discounts available?

Currently discounts are not available.

I am a member/I hold a discount voucher, can I book online?

Pre-bookings are ESSENTIAL. Member and discount voucher bookings need to be at: [email protected] or by phone on 03 5337 1199.

Are strollers allowed at the show?

Strollers/prams are not permitted.

Are multiple session times available every night?

We can run three shows per night, 200 per show.